023: Surviving Medicine – Yang – Medical Student

I could not be more thrilled to introduce to you one of my favorite instagrammers, current medical students, fashion bloggers and all around genuine individuals, Yang most known for her Instagram and blog, @yangswearabouts on Instagram and yangswearabouts.com for her blog. Yang and I were trying to connect to do this interview for months! And we finally found the time on a cold Saturday morning on one of her trips to NYC. Yang truly is an inspiration, she is currently between her third and fourth year in medical school doing a research year. In this interview, we dive deep discussing her experience in undergrad, what it was like taking time off before medical school, the value in scribing and working as an EMT in undergrad, why she started her Instagram “match series”, why she wants to do surgery, what medicine means to her, and so much more! Make sure to share this one with your friends and go follow yang at @yangswearabouts. 

022: Surviving Medicine – Dr. Rola Rabah – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Resident

Today it is January 1st 2018, I am excited to bring you an interview with one of my favorite instagrammers, dentists, medical students, and residents Dr. Rola Rabah. Dr. Rola is the perfect guest to kick off the near with. Dr. Rola is a current medical student, who completed dental school in NYC and is now doing a 6 year Oral and Maxillofacial surgery residency program that includes medical school. Dr. Rola is the recent co-founder of the Al Femme Community known for women empowerment in professional roles. They recently launched their own clothing line and their shirts sold out immediately! My favorite shirt of theirs says “a women’s place is in Medicine with the word Kitchen crossed out” Dr. Rola was born in Syria and grew up in California. She is a fashion icon, from shoes to purses, she loves showing off high fashion even as a struggling medical student! In this episode, we cover all of her favorite brands, and we also cover her story and why she chose medicine in the first place. Dr. Rola opens up about her passion to help with cleft palate surgeries and her passion to work in a team oriented healthcare system. We discuss her non-traditional route into medicine, what it was like getting pushback from her colleagues and peers about choosing a male dominated surgical specialty, and we discuss the importance of taking care of yourself and enjoying everyday of your life. Dr. Rola has a passion for helping others and teaching and I could not be more excited to bring you this interview.