017: Surviving Medicine – Dr Ginger Cupit – Family Medicine Resident

Today we are joined by a very special guest Dr. Ginger Cupit. Dr. Cupit is a first-year family medicine resident with a passion for medicine, patient advocacy, healthcare policy, and healthcare reform. Ginger has been a dear friend of mine for several years and has always been one of the most carrying and thoughtful physicians I have worked with. Dr. Cupit is a pioneer in healthcare policy creating change at both the local and state level lobbying for both medical student and patient advocacy alike. In this interview, we dive deep discussing what medicine means as a family physician, what it was like being a non-traditional student, what it was like having to go back to take her premed prerequisites, and what she thinks the future of medical education will be like. Ginger is such an inspiration and she discusses how to deal with difficult situations in the hospital like when a patient passes away or when a patient is late to their appointment. 

016: Surviving Medicine – Dr Marc Katz, MD – Internal Medicine Resident

Today’s episode is with none other than the infamous Dr. Marc Katz. Dr. Katz is a current second year internal medicine resident in Philadelphia and a graduate from Ross University School of Medicine, a Caribbean medical school. Dr. Katz plans to do a fellowship in Cardiology, is a pioneer on social media and a positive presence in the blogosphere preaching about the role of teaching younger generations. Dr. Katz is an active writer writing about medical school advice, medical school motivation, residency advice, and has been featured on KevinMD and several other online platforms. In this interview, we dive deep discussing his passion for blogging, his love for residency, his favorite books to read when he has down time, and why he is doing research during residency. As a Bonus, Dr. Katz has a new article that was just released today, Wednesday 21st 2017 on KevinMD titled “Why are you in medicine”, inspired by this very podcast episode when we asked him that exact question. Links are available on his page and on in our show notes or on our blog.

015: Surviving Medicine – Dr. Kate, MD – Neonatology Fellow

Today we are joined by a very special guest Dr. Kate. Kate is a current Neonatology fellow in Philadelphia who has a passion for helping pediatric patients and newborn infants. From a young age, Kate was volunteering and giving back to the younger generations. On a day-to-day basis Kate spends time either in an intensive care unit with newborn infants or doing research working to advance the science of clinical medicine. In this episode, we dive deep discussing the premed process, some crazy stats almost no one ever hears, what it is like to be a neonatology fellow, how to remember what medicine means to you, and how to find things you love to help you get through the hardest years in medical school. Kate is famous, amongst her friends, for being the first person to say happy birthday to everyone who enters this world under her care.

014: Surviving Medicine – Dr Evan Rieder – Dermatologist & Psychiatrist

Today we are joined by a very special guest, Dr. Evan Rieder. Dr. Rieder is double board certified psychiatrist and dermatologist practicing what we like to refer to as Psychodermatology. Dr. Rieder is a clinical professor in dermatology in NYC and a host of the ever popular Sirius XM Doctor Radio for “The Dermatology Show” sponsored by NYU Lagone Medical Center. Dr. Rieder has a passion for the intersection between art and medicine and was a non-traditional medical applicant when he applied to medical school. In this interview we dive deep discussing the parallels between medicine and modern and contemporary art. We discuss what it is like to treat patients in psychiatry in the throes of their addictions and what it is like to treat patients in dermatology who are suffering from psychologically debilitating autoimmune skin disorders. Dr. Rieder truly is one of the most fascinating guests we have had to date discussing his experiences abroad and why he chose medicine after avoiding science and biology in undergrad.

013: Surviving Medicine – Dr. Carisa Champion DO, JD, MPH – General Surgery Resident

Today we are joined by a very special guest Dr. Carisa Champion. Carisa is currently a second-year general surgery resident in the Philadelphia area, holds a master’s in public health, and is a JD, a doctor of the law. Carisa is a dear friend of mine and I could not be more excited to share her story. As it goes with all surgery residents, time is valuable. Carisa was gracious enough to record the podcast with me at 5:30am on a Saturday morning because that was the only time she had available. She graduated medical school as an osteopathic medical physician and has served at the highest level working as a student delegate on the AOA Board of Trustees and on numerous national task forces. Carisa was the student body president when in medical school and the chair of the council of osteopathic government presidents, something we discuss in the interview. Carisa truly is an inspiration and someone who knows first hand what it is like to struggle through adversity and also fight to stay afloat amidst a chaotic work/life schedule. In this interview we dive deep discussing her passion for helping others and her commitment to being the best she can be at any given moment. Carisa is a pioneer in the medical field and continues to be one of the most generous physicians that I know as you will hear at the end of the podcast.

011: Surviving Medicine – Dr. Elyse Love – Dermatology Resident

Today I am excited to bring you an interview with one of my favorite dermatology residents and Instagram motivators: Dr. Elyse Love.  Dr. Love is the founder of the ever popular “loveandthesky” blog and is known for being a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Elyse is a skincare and cosmetic advocate working with websites and brands such as Glossier, nextstepsinderm, and intothegloss.com. Elyse went to college and medical school in the south and is now a third-year Dermatology resident in NYC. Elyse has a passion for giving back and sharing her wisdom about the medical process and dermatology process. In this interview, we dive deep discussing the trials and tribulations of medical school and residency. We talk about why loving science early on is important, and we talk about the importance of creativity to her and her need for unstructured design. Elyse’s blog, Love and the Sky, is a career and life blog for young people in medicine who are ambitious, selfless, loving and a little bit fly. Love and the Sky Readers seek and create beauty in every arena of their life.

010: Surviving Medicine – Caleb Hentges MS IV

Today we are joined by a very special guest and a dear friend of mine, Caleb Hentges. Caleb is a current 4th year Medical student applying to pediatric residencies and was previously the student body president of his medical school. Caleb is a student advisor to the American Osteopathic Association Board of Trustees and is a student advocate for mental health and breaking down the stigma of mental health issues in the medical community. Caleb has a unique perspective on failure as he failed his first year in medical school and had to repeat it. He went from doubting himself and doubting his future, to becoming the student body president and an advocate for the school. In this episode, we dive deep discussing what it is like to fail, how to get through difficult times, how to deal with mental health issues, and how to go from the very bottom to the very top. For anyone who is struggling, or for anyone who thinks they are not good enough, this episode is for you. Caleb has been one of my favorite guests to date!

009: Surviving Medicine – Dr. Shari Marchbein – Dermatologist

Today, I am excited to bring you an interview with NYC’s finest and one of our dear friends, Dr. Shari Marchbein. Dr. Marchbein is a clinical assistant professor of dermatology, a practicing dermatologist, and an expert in Acne and all things cosmetic. She has been practicing in New York City for almost 10 years and has recently become a rising star on social media as one of the most fashionable and stylish dermatologists around. She has been featured in Allure, Magzter, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, W Magazine, Women’s health, Cosmo, and Vogue. Not only is she intelligent and fashionable, Dr. Marchein truly is one of the kindest and warm hearted individuals I have met. In this episode, we dive deep discussing medical school, residency, and what it is like to fail or think you are not good enough. She is one of the most inspirational and motivational guests I have ever spoken with. If you are feel down, depressed, or overwhelmed with wherever you are in the medical process, this episode is for you.