018: Surviving Medicine – Dr Cherilyn Cecchini MD – Pediatrician

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Dr. Cherilyn Cecchini, MD – Pediatrician

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Welcome to Surviving Medicine, the podcast that takes you into the mind of the best and brightest premedical and medical students, residents and physicians discussing where Medical Education is today and the future of healthcare tomorrow.

Each week we bring you an inside look at how to survive medical education and how to thrive as a practicing physician balancing work, patients, family and friends.

My name is Frank Cusimano, your host, a third-year medical student and third year PhD student – with a passion for anything health, wellness, medical education, and healthcare related.

Today I am excited to bring you an interview with one of my favorite instagrammers, pediatricians, and physicians, Dr Cherilyn Cecchini. I have to tell you before I start this intro, that Cherilyn’s episode, the one you are about to hear, has fundamentally changed how I view medicine & research and how I plan to practice in the future. I am so excited to bring you this interview. Dr. Cherilyn is in her final year as a pediatric resident and is about to start a fellowship in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Dr. Cherilyn is a native New Yorker, raised by a single mother, and has fought the odds every step of the way. In this interview, we dive deep discussing her passion for women empowerment, her advice to premed students, her failures in medical school, and how to turn your life around when you hit rock bottom. We also discuss her passion for giving back, why it took her so long to find a research topic she enjoyed, and how being emotional on the job can be a strength. Dr. Cherilyn is not only one of the most carrying physicians, she is kind-hearted and embodies what it means to practice medicine.

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