017: Surviving Medicine – Dr Ginger Cupit – Family Medicine Resident

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Dr. Ginger Cupit – Family Medicine Resident

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Welcome to Surviving Medicine, the podcast that takes you into the mind of the best and brightest premedical and medical students, residents and physicians discussing where Medical Education is today and the future of healthcare tomorrow.

Each week we bring you an inside look at how to survive medical education and how to thrive as a practicing physician balancing work, patients, family and friends.

My name is Frank Cusimano, your host, a third-year medical student and third year PhD student – with a passion for anything health, wellness, medical education, and healthcare related.

Today we are joined by a very special guest Dr. Ginger Cupit. Dr. Cupit is a first-year family medicine resident with a passion for medicine, patient advocacy, healthcare policy, and healthcare reform. Ginger has been a dear friend of mine for several years and has always been one of the most carrying and thoughtful physicians I have worked with. Dr. Cupit is a pioneer in healthcare policy creating change at both the local and state level lobbying for both medical student and patient advocacy alike. In this interview, we dive deep discussing what medicine means as a family physician, what it was like being a non-traditional student, what it was like having to go back to take her premed prerequisites, and what she thinks the future of medical education will be like. Ginger is such an inspiration and she discusses how to deal with difficult situations in the hospital like when a patient passes away or when a patient is late to their appointment.

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