015: Surviving Medicine – Dr. Kate, MD – Neonatology Fellow

Today we are joined by a very special guest Dr. Kate. Kate is a current Neonatology fellow in Philadelphia who has a passion for helping pediatric patients and newborn infants. From a young age, Kate was volunteering and giving back to the younger generations. On a day-to-day basis Kate spends time either in an intensive care unit with newborn infants or doing research working to advance the science of clinical medicine. In this episode, we dive deep discussing the premed process, some crazy stats almost no one ever hears, what it is like to be a neonatology fellow, how to remember what medicine means to you, and how to find things you love to help you get through the hardest years in medical school. Kate is famous, amongst her friends, for being the first person to say happy birthday to everyone who enters this world under her care.