014: Surviving Medicine – Dr Evan Rieder – Dermatologist & Psychiatrist

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Dr. Evan Rieder – Dermatologist & Psychiatrist


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Welcome to Surviving Medicine, the podcast that takes you into the mind of the best and brightest premedical and medical students, residents and physicians discussing where Medical Education is today and the future of healthcare tomorrow.

Each week we bring you an inside look at how to survive medical education and how to thrive as a practicing physician balancing work, patients, family and friends.

My name is Frank Cusimano, your host, a third-year medical student and third year PhD student – with a passion for anything health, wellness, medical education, and healthcare related.

Today we are joined by a very special guest, Dr. Evan Rieder. Dr. Rieder is double board certified psychiatrist and dermatologist practicing what we like to refer to as Psychodermatology. Dr. Rieder is a clinical professor in dermatology in NYC and a host of the ever popular Sirius XM Doctor Radio for “The Dermatology Show” sponsored by NYU Lagone Medical Center. Dr. Rieder has a passion for the intersection between art and medicine and was a non-traditional medical applicant when he applied to medical school. In this interview we dive deep discussing the parallels between medicine and modern and contemporary art. We discuss what it is like to treat patients in psychiatry in the throes of their addictions and what it is like to treat patients in dermatology who are suffering from psychologically debilitating autoimmune skin disorders. Dr. Rieder truly is one of the most fascinating guests we have had to date discussing his experiences abroad and why he chose medicine after avoiding science and biology in undergrad.

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