011: Surviving Medicine – Dr. Elyse Love – Dermatology Resident

Today I am excited to bring you an interview with one of my favorite dermatology residents and Instagram motivators: Dr. Elyse Love.  Dr. Love is the founder of the ever popular “loveandthesky” blog and is known for being a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Elyse is a skincare and cosmetic advocate working with websites and brands such as Glossier, nextstepsinderm, and intothegloss.com. Elyse went to college and medical school in the south and is now a third-year Dermatology resident in NYC. Elyse has a passion for giving back and sharing her wisdom about the medical process and dermatology process. In this interview, we dive deep discussing the trials and tribulations of medical school and residency. We talk about why loving science early on is important, and we talk about the importance of creativity to her and her need for unstructured design. Elyse’s blog, Love and the Sky, is a career and life blog for young people in medicine who are ambitious, selfless, loving and a little bit fly. Love and the Sky Readers seek and create beauty in every arena of their life.