010: Surviving Medicine – Caleb Hentges MS IV

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Welcome to Surviving Medicine, the podcast that takes you into the mind of the best and brightest premedical and medical students, residents and physicians discussing where Medical Education is today and the future of healthcare tomorrow.

Each week we bring you an inside look at how to survive medical education and how to thrive as a practicing physician balancing work, patients, family and friends.

My name is Frank Cusimano, your host, a third-year medical student and third year PhD student – with a passion for anything health, wellness, medical education, and healthcare related.

Before we begin, I want to take a moment to thank you, our listeners, for listening in and providing feedback. If you have not already make sure you subscribe to the podcast on The ITunes App and leave a review.

Today we are joined by a very special guest and a dear friend of mine, Caleb Hentges. Caleb is a current 4th year Medical student applying to pediatric residencies and was previously the student body president of his medical school. Caleb is a student advisor to the American Osteopathic Association Board of Trustees and is a student advocate for mental health and breaking down the stigma of mental health issues in the medical community. Caleb has a unique perspective on failure as he failed his first year in medical school and had to repeat it. He went from doubting himself and doubting his future, to becoming the student body president and an advocate for the school. In this episode, we dive deep discussing what it is like to fail, how to get through difficult times, how to deal with mental health issues, and how to go from the very bottom to the very top. For anyone who is struggling, or for anyone who thinks they are not good enough, this episode is for you. Caleb has been one of my favorite guests to date!

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